Arabella is a very caring Angel. She likes to hear all about your day and what is happening in your life. Her gemstone is blue sapphire which represents mental focus and order as well as inner vision and psychic awareness. 

Arabella's flower is the Bluebell which denotes humility and constancy.



Ariel is a very courageous angel she always stands up for the down trodden or bullied person. Her gemstone carnelian  provides a powerful boost to willpower.  Ariel's flower is Daylily  which means “beautiful for one day,”  as the daylily flower only lasts a day. But another one always comes out tomorrow!.



Angela is a very loving angel and like to spread love around. Her gemstone is Emerald which symbolizing hope and the future, renewal and growth. Angela's flower is Lilly of the Valley which denotes sweetness, purity and pure love.  It also represents a return to happiness.



Adele angel has great resolve and works hard to help you achieve your goals. Adele's gemstone is Tanzanite. This gorgeous gemstone  makes a harmonious connection between what your heart desires and what your mind wants to achieve. 

Adele's flower is Lilac which denotes spirituality.



Anna Angel is very perceptive and understands what is going on in your mind. Her gemstone is garnet which helps turn your visions into physical reality. 
Anna's flower is the Fuchsia symbolizing overflowing abundance.



Ada is a very determined angel and will always stand by you no matter what. Ada's gemstone is Topaz which can protect against enemies.  Her flower is the Daisy representing innocence and hope.



Ashling is a very confident angel who will always guide you to the right path in life. . Ashling's gemstone is Ruby which develops courage and makes you face face your fears.

Ashling's flower is the Red Rose denoting love.